Eurocrem BLOK

Posted by on May 9, 2012

Eurocrem BLOK

This is a Eurocrem bar. More correctly, this is a Eurocrem BLOK. Most of the other chocolate bars I’ve seen are from Croatia, but this one is Serbian. That may be because Serbia is the only country that still has a license to produce Eurocrem, and as you’ll note on the package, this BLOK is “produced by original technology.”

What is Eurocrem, you ask? It’s something involving hazelnuts. But you didn’t really need to ask that, did you? Everything from Europe seems to involve hazelnuts in one way or another. In America, our chocolate bars have peanuts or almonds in them. In Europe, the chocolate bars have hazelnuts in them. And not a few hazelnuts, either, but tons and tons of hazelnuts. Hazelnuts on top of hazelnuts, with extra hazelnuts on the side. It’s as if hazelnuts are the kudzu of Europe; they just need to get rid of them before they choke out all other life. If the Europeans ever stopped frantically churning out hazelnut confections, the whole continent would probably be waist-deep in hazelnuts within a week.

This particular Eurocrem bar (sorry, Eurocrem BLOK) was “upotrebljivo do: 02/02/2012”. I think that means it expired about 3 months ago, but it wouldn’t be right to let such a nice BLOK go to waste. It tasted like hazelnuts, of course.

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