Giant Chocky Brand Stick

Posted by on May 11, 2012

Giant Chocky Brand Stick

One strange snack which most people have heard of nowadays is Pocky. Pocky consists of thin cookie sticks covered with various flavorings. Many all-night Japanese animation viewing parties have been fueled by large quantities of Pocky sticks. Pocky comes in several sizes and flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry, honey, mango, green tea, azuki bean, soy flour, and giant. There is also a special variety of Pocky known as Men’s Pocky. It’s for men.

This is not Pocky; this is Chocky. In particular, this is Giant Chocky Brand Stick. Real Japanese Pocky is expensive, so an enterprising company in Thailand decided to step in and make a cheap knock-off. Each Giant Chocky Brand Stick is nearly 10 inches long, and is individually wrapped for your convenience. The packaging even includes a helpful arrow to show you which end to open so you don’t accidentally grab the chocolate-coated end of the Giant Chocky Brand Stick.

Everyone who tried a Giant Chocky Brand Stick reported that it was “delicious and fun,” just like the package promised. But the best thing about Giant Chocky Brand Stick is the price. Genuine giant Pocky costs $16.99 for one box. That probably works out to almost $1 for each stick of genuine giant Pocky. This big box of Giant Chocky Brand Stick, however, costs only $2.99. With its great taste and low price, Giant Chocky Brand Stick is highly recommended for all connoisseurs of colossal crunchy chocolate-coated cookie confections.
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