Ching Poo Luong

Posted by on May 13, 2012
Ching Poo Luong

Ching Poo Luong

This, my friends, is a can of Ching Poo Luong. This particular can was produced by the Wu Chung Eatables Factory Company, Ltd. Because with a name like Ching Poo Luong, the first thing that comes to mind is how much I want some eatables. The package offers a helpful serving suggestion: “serve ice-cold or hot.” Not warm, not room temperature, not pleasantly cool; ice-cold or hot. You only have two choices, so you had better make up your mind fast.

Even more helpful is the folding plastic spoon located under the plastic lid. Obviously, Ching Poo Luong is meant to be something you buy and eat immediately: a snack food, similar to a candy bar or a bag of chips. But this treat doesn’t involve chocolate or potatoes. This is Ching Poo Luong.

What exactly is Ching Poo Luong, you ask? Well, unfold the spoon, open up the can (“mind your hand” is the advice here), and see just what you’re getting into. As it turns out, Ching Poo Luong consists of peas, wheat flake, red bean, glutinous rice, pearl barley, peanuts, lotus seeds, dioscorea rhizophora, longans, suger (sic), and water. It’s a mildly sweet snack that’s also eaten as a dessert soup. I chose to eat mine ice-cold, since I wanted to get the full experience of consuming it straight from the can with the included folding spoon.

Soup isn’t something I usually think of as being cold or sweet, but in this case it wasn’t too bad. I’m pretty sure the big round things were the lotus seeds. I decided I didn’t want to know which of the bits was the dioscorea rhizophora. The only real question that remains is why a soup with so many different grains and beans would be called Ching Poo Luong. It’s a mystery, I suppose. All that wheat, rice, and barley combined with peas, beans, peanuts, and lotus seeds somehow adds up to make Ching Poo Luong.  What are they trying to say there? Ching. Poo. Luong.

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