Costco Churro

Posted by on May 16, 2012
Costco Churro

Costco Churro

On the menu it looks innocent enough: “Churro – $1.00”. A tasty pastry that sounds Mexican, but was probably invented in North Dakota. This is no ordinary churro, though. This is a Costco churro, and we’re not in Fargo anymore. It’s not a dessert; it’s a giant cinnamon colossus, nearly 18 inches long. It’s licensed as a weapon in 32 states, because you could put someone’s eye out with it. This solitary churro is probably longer than your arm. The number of them required to completely encircle the Earth is disturbingly small.

You might think that the chef fell asleep at the churro cutoff switch, but you’d be wrong. When you look at the churro case, you realize that this is no accident of extrusion. Each and every one is a Brobdingnagian blimp of cinnamon-crusted dough. You could try to reassure yourself that a single churro is just a harmless little snack. But you know there’s nothing little about it. Deep inside, you have to admit to yourself that it’s half a loaf of deep-fried sugar-coated white bread.

Such an elephantine edible cannot go unchallenged. Like climbing Mount Everest, it’s something that many dream of attempting. Today I tried to conquer this titanic treat. Sadly, I was defeated by its incalculable immensity. The leftovers seemed to laugh at me, and to mock my valiant efforts to polish off this prodigious pastry.

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2 Responses to Costco Churro

  1. Carolynn

    Was the heroic effort worth it? Many times I have viewed the colossus, but not knowing how it tastes, have avoided it. What is your opinion on the flavor?

    • David Rice

      It was actually pretty good as far as churros go, but I would recommend sharing it. Or bring a box so you can take home the leftovers.

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