Precision Screwdriver Set

Posted by on June 8, 2012
Precision Screwdriver Set

Precision Screwdriver Set

Here at Armenian Fungus Cake, we like to solve mysteries. This set of nearly twelve tiny tools, however, has proven to be a quite a challenge. The purpose of most of these tools is perfectly perceptible, but there’s one that, in spite of its small size, is an enormous enigma. If it were edible, this would be a lot easier, but I can assure you with great certainty that this item is completely unfit for human consumption.

Among the expected tools such as the No. 1 Philips screwdriver, the 2.4mm flat-head, and the always-handy awl, there is an unexplained utensil that is identified only with a picture. It’s a simple stump with no notable features of any kind. It has no head, no slot, and no special shape. The only explanation for its purpose is the picture you see here. It has something to do with old-fashioned alarm clocks, 3:00 a.m., a leaf growing out of the top of the clock, a piece flying through the air, and the universal sign for “no”.

I’m not sure how all of these things are supposed to relate to each other. Is this tool somehow dangerous to alarm clocks? Or is it designed to eliminate alarm clocks altogether (in which case it would become my new favorite tool)? Does it prevent leaves from growing out of your old-fashioned alarm clock? Might it be used to prevent that piece from flying away, whatever it happens to be?

One theory I had is that it might be some sort of cryptic contrivance that stops time when it’s used in just the right manner. After all, don’t those things always end up being acquired in the most unexpected of ways? But in this case, it doesn’t appear to do anything like that. Speaking of time, however, I could have sworn it was daylight outside when I looked a few minutes ago. And how did I manage to spend 10 hours writing this short little article?

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  1. Alex

    That weird thing is a magnet (only realized it after seeing an amazon listing for this exact set)…
    Not sure about the icon though, maybe it’s warning you about not using magnets on clockwork?

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