Quest for the Dragonfruit (An Epic Poem)

Posted by on June 22, 2012


In the realm of snacks there did arise
A beverage filled with much surprise.
Made with neither grape nor pear
It was a more complex affair.

In the mix there was no berry,
Apple, peach, or even cherry!
With chunks of pulp both black and white
The drink was quite a curious sight.

“What is that in the plastic flask?”
The leader of the realm did ask.
It was neither stem nor root:
It was simply dragonfruit!

And when of this drink he did partake
He declared all else he would forsake,
For in the realm nothing else would
Please his palate as dragonfruit could!

When it was gone, he called for more.
“Bring me three, or even four!”
And the realm was searched, yes all around,
But dragonfruit drink could not be found!

The leader sat upon his throne
And did this awful fate bemoan.
“Shall I never again the dragonfruit savor,
with its crunchy seeds and subtle flavor?”

He set forth upon a quest
And swore that he would never rest.
He would visit each and every land
Until he held dragonfruit drink in hand!

And though many imposters he did sample,
Not a single one of them was ample.
For no seed, no stem, no stalk, nor root
Can take the place of dragonfruit!

It seemed his quest was all in vain;
That he must continue to abstain
From the drink he did so love
(Barring a miracle from above).

But then one day, with his own eyes,
He did glimpse a big surprise!
Upon a tray of foam pure white,
There was a most amazing sight!

At first it certainly did seem
To be something out of a dream.
It was better than a simple boring drink,
It was a real dragonfruit, so round and pink!

He would have it no matter what the expense!
(Which was seven dollars and fifty-eight cents).
He returned to his home, his quest complete,
And he prepared the dragonfruit to eat.

After his long quest filled with such strife,
He sliced the fruit with his sharpest knife,
And this good king, I’m pleased to report,
Did share it with the members of his court.

In the realm of snacks there did appear
Much joy and mirth for all to hear!
There was music with both drum and flute,
For the king had found the dragonfruit!

One Response to Quest for the Dragonfruit (An Epic Poem)

  1. Reba

    Leave the dragon’s fruits alone, you pervert! And don’t you know they have dangerous CLAWS and can turn you to charcoal by breathing on you??
    Love it!!

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