French Cookies – Coffee Flavor

Posted by on June 27, 2012

French Cookies – Coffee Flavor

Here’s a treat from I-MEI Foods Co., Ltd. Much like China’s recent effort to produce an exact replica of the Austrian village of Halstatt, these IMEI French Cookies are a Taiwanese plan to bring a piece of Paris to the families of Formosa.

As you can see, the package depicts the Eiffel Tower, which is perhaps the most well-known symbol of France. This is no big surprise, since these claim to be French Cookies. What’s more unexpected is the fact that the Eiffel Tower appears to be served on an enormous bed of fried rice. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I personally prefer to pair towers of all types with tomato-basil couscous instead. At least they didn’t serve it with cranberries. I can think of one celebrity chef who would fly into a fit at the mere thought of such a food faux pas.

The cookies themselves are individually wrapped and wafer-thin, with a bit of creme filling inside. This is helpfully shown on the package, whereupon one of the cookies has a wedge-shaped piece removed to reveal the coffee-flavored creme within. The filling contains a smattering of speckles, probably to remind the eager eater that these crisp cookies are filled with the flavor of French coffee. The taste is pleasant, and these cookies don’t seem to contain too much caffeine. This is good, since I wouldn’t want to have a frappuccino flashback.

I can’t vouch for the authentic Frenchness of these cookies since I’ve never been to France, and I do have a sneaking suspicion that they would probably be called Taiwanese Cookies in Toulouse. Nevertheless, they are great as a light snack when you’re craving a crispy coffee confection. I don’t, however, recommend serving them with fried rice. That’s a side dish best reserved for kung pao chicken and European architectural icons.

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