Fruit4u Grape Drink with Grape Pulp

Posted by on June 29, 2012
Grape Drink with Grape Pulp

Grape Drink with Grape Pulp

In some cultures, the name of a drink describes what it tastes like. For example, this would apply to “cranberry juice,” which is mostly water and sugar with some cranberry-colored flavoring added. In other cultures, the name of a drink describes what’s actually in it. This is the case with Fruit4u Grape Drink with Grape Pulp. Even without those last three words, the mere fact that it’s called “Grape Drink” should indicate that this beverage is going to contain a few surprises.

This pint-sized can (actually 238 milliliters) promises to contain grape pulp in addition to grape drink, and it delivers on that promise. But what exactly is grape pulp? I imagined that it might be a few shredded bits of grape, much like the pulp that is present in some types of orange juice. As it turns out, I imagined wrong.

The makers of Fruit4u Grape Drink with Grape Pulp took a much simpler approach to fulfilling their fruity pledge: they simply plopped peeled grapes into the beverage, sealed up the can, and wrote “fruits for you!” on the side. The texture wasn’t nearly as troubling as it might seem, though suddenly swallowing a peeled grape can be a decidedly disconcerting experience the first time it happens. What this drink lacks in humor it makes up for in flavor, with a clean and natural grape taste. This should come as no surprise, considering that there are real grapes floating in there. In case you’re still confused, simply consult the following summary haiku:

Grape Drink with Grape Pulp:
It’s full of slippery grapes.
What did you expect?


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