The Practicing Horse

Posted by on July 17, 2012

The install method of practicing horse

“Put the carbon pole through the rubber pipe.” Ok, got it. Carbon pole. Rubber pipe.

“Make sure the rubber pipe is 45mm from the end of the pole.” Wait, is that the end of the rubber pipe closest to the end of the pole? Or is that the middle of the rubber pipe? These instructions aren’t very clear.

“Then put the ball through the carbon pole.” Put the ball…through…the carbon pole? How am I supposed to do that? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

“After that, put the other rubber pipe on the carbon pole to fix the floating ball.” But how am I supposed to do that?! I already put the ball through the carbon pole. It’s not going to be doing much floating after that experience.

“Use the horse locating set…” What?! The only horse locating set I know about is the one where you put out some sugar cubes and wait. After a while, your horse is located!

“Use the horse locating set to locate the four horse accessories…” Uh, excuse me? I thought the horse locating set was something I used to locate horses. Now I’m supposed to use it to locate horses and horse accessories? And what are the four horse accessories anyway? Pestilence, war, famine, and death?

“Use the horse locating set to locate the four horse accessories on the related place of the plane feet.” The horse accessories are on a plane? No, on the feet of a plane? The plane has feet? And does that mean the horse is also on the plane’s feet? What’s going on here?! Why are there horses on this plane? That ramune was supposed to be non-alcoholic!

“And then install the flying saucer pan.” …?!! I think I just lost my mind.

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