Parle Hide & Seek Cookies

Posted by on July 23, 2012

Hide & Seek Cookies

When setting a goal, it’s important to aim high, but also to be realistic. For example, here at Armenian Fungus Cake we strive to be the world’s best comedy blog. But we also take comfort in knowing that we are already the world’s best comedy blog with a title that references an Eastern European country in combination with a mycological topic.

Parle Hide & Seek Cookies have also managed to achieve one of their goals (and it’s not “most opaque name for a snack food”). The deep purple package proudly proclaims: “World’s Best Moulded Chocolate Chip Cookies”. Rather than pursue the lofty goal of being the world’s best chocolate chip cookie overall, Parle has instead decided to focus exclusively on the mo(u)lded chocolate chip cookie competition. Much like an athlete who only runs in the 100-meter dash, all of Parle’s efforts have gone into making the world’s best moulded chocolate chip cookie. Regular (non-moulded) chocolate chip cookies? No. Moulded oatmeal cookies? Uh uh. Snickerdoodles? Unthinkable!

The result of this effort is a pack of square striated chocolate chip cookies. The distinctive diagonal indentations on top of the cookie are almost certainly the desired result of the the mo(u)lding process. As promised, these cookies contain plenty of chocolate chips; it’s not necessary to play hide-and-seek with these morsels, because they are right out in the open. As far as the taste goes, they are a bit dry, but not bad overall. I can say, without any doubt, that these are the best moulded chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever eaten.

The only mystery remaining to be solved is why they are called “Hide & Seek”. As a test, I set a package of these cookies in the corner, then went and hid underneath an enormous pile of jackfruit. Several hours later, I gave up and emerged from my hiding place. The package of “Hide & Seek” cookies hadn’t even tried to find me, and was instead lounging lazily in the same corner where I left it. Thinking I might have this backwards, I then placed the package of “Hide & Seek” cookies in the center of the room, while I stood in the corner and counted to ten. When I turned around, I found that the cookies were no better at hiding than they were at seeking.

As a final effort to understand this mysterious moniker, I hid a single “Hide & Seek” cookie in an obscure place and then proceeded for forget about it for several days. Did you know that ants are really good at playing hide-and-seek?

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