Jack ‘n Jill “Mr. Chips” Pinoy Spaghetti Flavored Corn Chips

Posted by on July 30, 2012

Jack ‘n Jill “Mr. Chips” Pinoy Spaghetti Flavored Corn Chips

Jack ‘n Jill is shaping up to be a prolific producer of Filipino snack foods. They might even be the Kra┼í of the Philippines. In addition to the recently reviewed Piattos Nacho Pizza Potato Chips, they also make Mr. Chips Pinoy Spaghetti Flavored Corn Chips. Notice that they aren’t just spaghetti flavored; they’re Pinoy spaghetti flavored. “Pinoy” is an informal demonym for the Filipino people, so these chips are essentially Filipino spaghetti flavored.

What exactly is Filipino spaghetti? It’s like regular spaghetti, except the sauce is sweeter than usual thanks to the addition of banana ketchup. Hot dogs are also added to the traditional ground beef, and sometimes ham is included as well. It’s a popular dish; popular enough to be transformed into a corn chip flavor.

Beyond the banana-ketchup-infused seasoning, these chips also can claim some other interesting aspects. First of all, Mr. Chips Pinoy Spaghetti Flavored Corn Chips display the Sangkap Pinoy seal from the Philippine Department of Health to prove that they are fortified with vitamin A and iron. (Take that, Piattos Nacho Pizza Potato Chips!) What’s more, they exhibit a most unusual fractal property. Witness the description from the back of the package:

What’s in a Mr. Chips chip?

Triangular shape corn chips loaded with zesty PINOY SPAGHETTI that spell a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of goodness.

Did you catch that? There are corn chips inside the corn chips! Chips on top of chips on top of chips. Eating just one of these corn chips apparently means you’ve actually eaten every corn chip that ever existed and every corn chip that ever will exist. It’s corn chips all the way down, until the very end of time–chipception, if you will.

One could be forgiven for actually believing that, too, since the small bag is actually quite full of corn chips. This stands in stark contrast to most American corn chip bags, which barely meet the minimum legal definition of “corn chips”. That is to say, they usually contain two corn chips, or three if you’re really lucky. The Mr. Chips bag, on the other hand, contains a surprising 3.53 ounces (or 100 grams) of corn chips which pack an equally surprising 560 calories. This is quite a colossal chunk of corn chips, especially in light of the instructions on the package: “You just don’t bite your Mr. Chips chip. You go all out and gobble them all up.”

After consuming the entire bag of chips, it became apparent that this plentiful portion could be a plot to induce corn-chip-related corpulence in the agents of the Federal Bureau of Foreign Culinary Relations. While transforming us into lazy lumps of feckless flab would have been a brilliant plot to slow us down in our pursuit of Wong Lo Kat, further investigation revealed no evidence of Mangoustani malice. Instead, it was determined that the wonders of downsizing simply hadn’t made it into the world of Pinoy Spaghetti Flavored Corn Chips.

I’ve never eaten Pinoy spaghetti myself, so I’ll have to take Mr. Chips at his word when he says the flavor is authentic. At least I know they really were fortified with vitamin A and iron. After all, the Sangkap Pinoy seal never lies.

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