Gustaf’s Premium Licorice Beagles

Posted by on August 7, 2012

Gustaf’s Premium Licorice Beagles

Animal-shaped snack foods are nothing new. Everyone has heard of gummy bears, fish crackers, candy worms, and giraffe-shaped food products (as depicted in Fig. 26, US Patent D589,226). There are also hazelnut hippopotamuses, which you haven’t heard of yet, but you will soon.

Today, we aren’t going to explore any of these. Instead, we are going to to examinate and masticate a small plastic bucket of Gustaf’s Premium Licorice Beagles. That’s right, man’s best friend is now a delicious licorice candy. Some strange snacks, such as preserved duck eggs, require quite a bit of courage before they can be confidently consumed. Licorice beagles, on the other hand, seem quite innocuous. After all, a beagle is a nice dog. Maybe not as nice as a dachshund, but certainly nicer than a snarling wolf hybrid in the middle of the snowy wilderness.

Overall, Gustaf’s Premium Licorice Beagles are a tasty licorice snack that are shaped like beagles. This is exactly what you’d expect from a product called Gustaf’s Premium Licorice Beagles. We weren’t able to find Gustaf’s Standard Licorice Beagles, Gustaf’s Discount Licorice Beagles, or Gustaf’s Institutional Quality Licorice Beagles, so we won’t be able to report on any of those variations.

Now that chewy snack foods have gone to the dogs, it opens up a world of possibilities: chocolate collies, peanut-butter poodles, honey-dipped huskies, marzipan mastiffs, and bhut jolokia pit bulls. Not only that, but many other animal-shaped snacks are now fair game, such as hedgehogs, plovers, and John Dory fish.

You know, I’ve always wondered what a gelatin John Dory fish would taste like.

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