Golden Rabbit Creamy Candy

Posted by on August 13, 2012

Golden Rabbit Creamy Candy

Golden Rabbit Creamy Candy is a product of the Guan Sheng Yuan Group in Shanghai, China. The package features an anthropomorphic rabbit with bright red eyes carrying a huge mushroom that looks suspiciously similar to amantia muscaria. Any implications there are purely coincidental, I’m sure.

These candies were originally advertised as practically being a health food, with the claim that eating seven of them was equivalent to drinking a glass of milk. They actually do contain real milk, along with liquid maltose, edible glutinous rice paper, and sucrose fatty acid ester. That sure sounds as healthy as a glass of milk to me.

Golden Rabbit Creamy Candy was formerly known as White Rabbit Creamy Candy, but the name was changed in 2009 in an effort to escape the bad reputation of the older White Rabbit name. In addition to the ingredients we already discussed, it turns out that the White Rabbit candies also contained an extra ingredient in 2007: formaldehyde. It was a flavor enhancer, of course, but authorities in the Philippines didn’t appreciate this one bit and ordered a ban on the candies. Then, just when it looked like it was safe to eat White Rabbit candy again, another unexpected surprise was discovered in 2008: melamine. Finally in 2009, the problems were sorted out and the candy returned to the market under the name of Golden Rabbit.

We must have gotten a bad batch of Golden Rabbit Creamy Candy, because it wasn’t creamy at all. In fact, it was hard as a rock and nearly impossible to eat. Considering the previous history of contamination, that may have been a good thing. I’m also happy to report that it didn’t make us larger, nor did it make us small. In fact, it didn’t do anything at all.

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