Anapests vs. Dactyls

Posted by on August 22, 2012

The Iambs all had gathered in the Hall of Prosody
To witness the greatest of all battles
That is, between the Anapests and the Dactyls,
With the Molossus as referee.

The Trochees came from near and far
To see the fight of trisyllabic feet
To watch the victory and defeat
In this contest most bizarre.

A Spondee belted out a rousing song
About a Bacchius most strong and brave
(Though his courage did send him to his grave)
And the Amphibrachs all sang along.

The lights were dimmed; the battle begun:
It was the Dactyls who made the first attack
The Anapests were quite taken aback
But the struggle was still far from won.

The Dactyls found Anapests on their flank
Which gave them quite a scare
But it’s true that all is fair
And it was a brilliant tactic, to be frank.

The Anapests and the Dactyls continued their clash
The Iambs and the Trochees looked on with delight
While the Spondees preferred to avert their sight
As this battle of verse ended in a flash.

The Dactyls were defeated by trickery
But the Hall of Prosody was a mess
And the Anapests had lost their stress
It was, at best, a Pyrrhic victory.

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