Wonderfarm White Fungus Bird’s Nest Drink

Posted by on August 23, 2012

Wonderfarm White Fungus Bird’s Nest Drink

White Fungus Bird’s Nest Drink.

White Fungus. Bird’s Nest. Drink.

White. Fungus Bird’s. Nest Drink.

So what is it? Is it a drink made from the nest of a white-fungus bird? Is there such a thing as a white-fungus bird? Is it a white drink that’s made from the nest of a fungus bird? What in the world is a fungus bird? Maybe it’s what a white fungus bird (as opposed to, say, a blue fungus bird) drinks when in its nest. Is it a bird’s nest made out of white fungus that’s been turned into a drink?

As it turns out, it’s a drink that contains both white fungus and bird’s nest. These aren’t things you normally think of as being drink ingredients, but here at Armenian Fungus Cake we wouldn’t waste your time with normal drink ingredients. This drink really does contain chunks of white fungus as well as real bird’s nest. If you’re not familiar with this particular type of nest, it’s not the collection of leaves and twigs that you might imagine. This nest is produced by the Edible-nest Swiftlet (Aerodramus fuciphagus), and it is composed of hardened saliva.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You think there was some strange auto-correct failure right there, because that last sentence said that the bird’s nest in White Fungus Bird’s Nest Drink is made of bird saliva. And surely that can’t be right, can it? Well, it can. Unlike horse urine eggs, which don’t contain any horse urine, this drink in the golden can contains not only chunks of fungus, but also genuine bird saliva. Probably not very much bird saliva, since the bird’s nest in question sells for about $1,000 per pound and is one of the most expensive foods in the world. Nevertheless, the label clearly lists bird’s nest, and there is no reason to doubt its veracity.

The drink has a chunky texture, thanks to the white fungus. It’s also thick, thanks to thickener 466. It’s sweetness comes from sugar, rock sugar, and synthetic sweetener 960. I never realized that there were at least 466 different thickeners and 960 different synthetic sweeteners. Chemistry has indeed come a long way.

The flavor is reminiscent of vanilla with a bit of milk. The source of the vanilla flavor seems to come from the synthetic flavor that’s mentioned on the label. There’s no number with this one; apparently there isn’t as much variety in synthetic flavors as there is in thickeners.

All in all, White Fungus Bird’s Nest Drink wasn’t all that bad. In fact, it was rather enjoyable in its own strange way, and was even described as “phenomenal” by my culinary co-conspirator. That was before I let him in on the exact nature of the bird’s nest, but even that salivary secret didn’t ruin the appeal of the beverage.

Now all we have to do is locate that elusive white-fungus bird. If you should happen to find one, please send it our way.

6 Responses to Wonderfarm White Fungus Bird’s Nest Drink

  1. PT WGM

    Hello we are from Indonesia and if you don’t mind, may we know the ingredients and nutrition compositions of White Fungus Bird’s Nest Drink?
    thank you very much 🙂

    • David Rice

      I don’t have the can anymore, but I will tell you it does contain real white fungus and real bird’s nest.

    • Tim

      I can:


      Water, suger, White fungus, rock suger, thickner 466, syntetic flavor, syntatic sweetener 950, sodium metabisulphite, bird’s nest.

      Nutrition facts:

      Serving size = 1 can 240ml

      Amount per serving Calories 77 from 0% fat

      Sodium 14mg
      sugars 18g
      total carbohydrate 19g
      Calcium 2%
      Iron 1%

      0% fat

  2. Highness


    • David Rice

      This drink can usually be purchased at most Asian markets. There are many different brands.

  3. Kalum Osbourne

    What country does this drink come from

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