Maggi Cuppa Mania Masala Indian Noodles

Posted by on August 24, 2012

Maggi Cuppa Mania Masala Indian Noodles

So there’s this new thing in a yellow cup and it’s from Maggi and it’s called Cuppa Mania and you know what it is it’s masala Indian noodles and they even put this little thing next to the word masala in case you don’t know what it is and it looks like a little arrow pointing up but then what it means is actually down below and it was so confusing but then I figured it out because it’s like when they have those little stars and then at the bottom it tells you that you didn’t really win a million dollars but it wasn’t a star it was a little arrow and maybe they used an arrow because it was true and the star means its not true or maybe because it’s from India and they use arrows there and it really was spicy with all those spices in there and there’s even a yellow plastic fork inside the cup in case you forgot your own fork and it’s like a surprise since they don’t tell you it’s in there and it’s folded in half and if you don’t use it right it collapses and did I mention that it’s suitable for vegetarians?!

Oh, sorry. I guess that serving of Cuppa Mania made me into a bit of a maniac. These instant noodles claim to be spicy, and they are very spicy, both in terms of heat and number of spices. Among others, the mix of spices includes: red chili powder, tamarind powder, garlic flakes, cumin, fenugreek leaves, onion flakes, coriander leaves, artificial onion flavor, and artificial coriander flavor. It’s obvious that onion and coriander are very important to the Cuppa Mania experience, since they are included in both their natural and artificial forms. There’s also a generic entry for “spices” which seems to cover anything that wasn’t already listed on the label. This makes sense when you consider that “masala” means a combination of a wide variety of spices. Just be careful, since all of those delicious spices are enough to drive you insane!

P.S. Unlike White Fungus Bird’s Nest Drink, we have no reason to believe that this product contains saliva in any form.

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