Isleri + Eurocrem = ♥♥♥

Posted by on August 28, 2012

Išleri + Eurocrem = ♥♥♥

Swisslion Takovo has produced what may be the first snack whose name is also a mathematical formula. As you can see from the package, the formula here is Išleri + Eurocrem = ♥♥♥. This raises the question: what exactly is this Išleri substance of which the package speaks?

Solving for Išleri, we find that Išleri = ♥♥♥ – Eurocrem. Taking a hint from the box, we assume that Eurocrem equals 39%. So that leaves us with Išleri = ♥♥♥ – 39%. We started with 3 hearts, so subtracting 39% of these hearts leaves us with 1.83 hearts. Thus, Išleri is equivalent to 1.83 hearts, while Eurocrem is equivalent to only 1.17 hearts.

It’s much easier to simply use the English translation from the back of the package. Instead of presenting complex mathematical formulas, it’s all spelled out in easy-to-understand words. The product in the box is a “filled fatty biscuit with cocoa creme and chocolate coating”. Something may have been lost in the translation, since that doesn’t seem like the best name from a marketing standpoint. Obviously Serbia doesn’t share the fat-phobia of other nations, since reminding customers that their treats are loaded with lard isn’t usually the best way to generate sales.

The filled fatty biscuits with cocoa creme and chocolate coating taste like ordinary chocolate cookies with only the slightest hint of hazelnut. Nevertheless, the package proclaims that the overall composition is a minimum of 2.5% hazelnuts. Even if it doesn’t come across in the flavor, it’s clear that Swisslion Takovo is doing its part to prevent Europe from being overrun by hazelnuts. They are also doing very well when it comes to conserving cocoa; only the top half of the confection is actually covered in chocolate.

I hope this has provided some insight into the culinary and mathematical mystery of Išleri + Eurocrem = ♥♥♥. For the next article, I will be performing a least-squares fit on some longans and computing the cross product of cheese curls.

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  1. jason

    I bought a pack of these recently and I was pretty happy with the taste. The cream is not too sweet. The chocolate has a good cocoa smell and aftertaste. They are pretty heavy on the calories – 90cal per biscuit – but one with a cup of hot tea, after dinner, wasn’t going to break the bank. Two thumbs up.

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