Limca Soda

Posted by on September 12, 2012

Limca Soda

The bottle you see here contains 300ml of Limca soda. Or at least it did, when the picture was taken. Limca is a lemon-lime soda from India, but we found it on a little shelf in a local market. As far as citrus sodas go, it was rather lackluster, with nothing to really set it apart from other similar drinks. It did, however, inspire the creation of the Limca Book of Records, which is an Indian version of the better known (and more inebriated) Guinness volume.

The bottle itself (which is “for beverage use only”) appeared quite worn, and at first this seemed to be a result of the long trip from India. In fact, these bottles are normally returned to the Limca plant for cleaning and re-use, so it obviously wasn’t the first time this particular bottle had been used to hold obscure lemon-lime soda. It’s a bit sad, really. This poor bottle ended up stranded thousands of miles from home, all because it was unlucky enough to find itself in a crate destined for a strange and foreign land. Someone could probably make a cut-rate direct-to-DVD movie about that, and then disclaim all knowledge of it when it turned out even worse than they expected.

In case you were wondering, the producer of Limca lemon-lime soda is none other than…the Coca-Cola Company. Really. Who knew?

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