Every Burger

Posted by on October 19, 2012

Every Burger

What do you get the culinary connoisseur who’s eaten every burger in the world? A box of Every Burger, of course. These burgers are unlike any burger you’ve ever eaten, which I suppose also makes them unlike every burger you’ve ever eaten.

Inside every box of Every Burger are two individual packages containing about 10 pieces of Every Burger. Every bite-sized piece of Every Burger consists of two wheat crackers that look like buns, some chocolate that looks like a hamburger patty, some “white confection” that looks like cheese, and a few mysterious bits that look like sesame seeds.

This particular box of Every Burger was 55% off compared to every other box of Every Burger because it had expired a couple of days before we bought it. Unlike every other burger, it’s apparently safe to eat Every Burger even when it’s two days past its expiration date.

So next time you’re looking for a gift for the person who has everything, consider getting them Every Burger. Not every burger, but Every Burger.

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