Jane-Jane Squid Nuggets

Posted by on December 3, 2012

Jane-Jane Squid Nuggets

What do you get when you cross chicken nuggets with fish sticks? Well, you get thrown in jail for one thing, because I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. But besides that, you also get Jane-Jane Squid Nuggets.

Squid seems like a rather unlikely candidate for nuggetization, but the demand for food in nugget form apparently knows no bounds. The problem is that squid is expensive, and nuggets generally tend to be cheap. There’s probably some restaurant in New York that serves a single chicken nugget with flash-frozen basil puree and lemongrass foam for $129, but on the whole, nugget-based nourishment isn’t the most financially favorable foodstuff.

With that in mind, it comes as little surprise to learn that Jane-Jane Squid Nuggets are anything but pure squidly goodness. They’re filled with wheat starch and potato starch, not to mention surimi (i.e., fish paste) made with the delicious-sounding nemipterus virgatus fish.

After a bit of boiling, the squid nuggets turned out to be reminiscent of fish paste with a few bits of squid mixed in. That’s to be expected, since they are made of fish paste, with a few bits of squid mixed in. Nevertheless, with a small piece of daikon radish and a dash of truffle oil, they could probably be sold for $129 at some restaurant in New York.

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