3:15 PM Rose Fruity Milk Tea

Posted by on December 6, 2012

3:15 PM Rose Fruity Milk Tea

It’s an age-old dilemma: you’ve purchased some sort of crazy consumable, but you have absolutely no idea when you’re supposed to eat or drink it. Is it an 8:00 AM sort of thing or is it more of the 7:00 PM variety? Is it a noontime treat or a midnight snack? This is the sort of problem that can drive a fellow to the brink of insanity.

With that in mind, you can imagine how happy I was to discover 3:15 PM Rose Fruity Milk Tea. While I wouldn’t normally be a fan of fruity milk tea (rose or otherwise), the clear guidance as to when it should be consumed proved to be quite a selling point. This would be the one product that didn’t produce any scheduling anxiety. All doubt about whether I was drinking it at the right time was removed, since it was clearly called 3:15 PM Rose Fruity Milk Tea.

At precisely 3:11 PM, I poured boiling water into a mug and added the tea bag, which was designated as being “multi-serve”, whatever that means. After letting the beverage steep for exactly 4 minutes, I removed the tea bag and drank the tea at 3:15 PM, which was right on schedule. It tasted a bit fruity and a bit milky. Probably a bit rosy, too, but I really don’t know what rosy tastes like. Regardless of the flavor, I could rest easy knowing that this tea had been timed to perfection.

So if you have culinary scheduling anxiety, I highly recommend 3:15 PM Rose Fruity Milk Tea. As the package states: “3:15 PM Milk Tea, any time, any where.” Wait, what? Any time? I thought it was 3:15 PM. They told me this tea was for 3:15 PM, and now it’s also for any time? But any time isn’t 3:15 PM. And 3:15 PM isn’t any time. It doesn’t make sense. The schedule is all wrong. It’s all wrong! How am I supposed to get anything done with this…this…tea disrupting my routine?! I’m telling you, it’s out to get me. The 3:15 PM tea. It’s out to get me! Run! Run away!

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  1. Kim Jong Joe

    guy I know just drank it at 15:30pm. Guys a nutjob, breaking the rules like that. He is an Aussie though…

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