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This elf seems to be saying something about 5.

This elf seems to be saying something about 5.

Most strange snacks have at least a minimal amount of English on the package. Even when it’s as simple as identifying the contents as “filled fatty biscuits,” it’s rare for the Armenian Fungus Cake crew to rush into a snack completely unprepared.

This wasn’t the case during a recent encounter with the snack you see pictured here. The only clue about the contents of the bag was a nearly blank word balloon being spoken by some type of gnome, or perhaps a leprechaun. Actually, it probably wasn’t a leprechaun. Long story…

The back of the package provided almost no new information, other than the fact that this snack is supposed to be “fun.” It also appeared to depict a song about the enclosed snack, and possibly instructions that one should write his or her own caption on the package.

Not wanting to violate any snacking taboos, we chose not to make any assumptions about what the package was trying to communicate. Instead, we simply tore into it and consumed the strange puffs we found inside. The end result was a mouthful of perilous stuff that looked like cheese puffs and tasted like fish sauce.

Let's sing a song! It'll be fun!

Let’s sing a song! It’ll be fun!

It was only through careful examination of the sales receipt that the mystery of “5” was finally solved. The anonymous aliment in this case turned out to be “Five Spice Corn Snacks.” So that’s obviously what the kobold was trying to say: “5 spice.” It all makes sense now.

With that mystery out of the way, we can return to our regularly scheduled consumption of Croatian comestibles. That is, when we’re not dodging shillelagh blows.

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