Podravka Pork Luncheon Patty Loaf

Posted by on April 10, 2013
Can you spot the hidden message?

Can you spot the hidden message?

From Podravka comes this odd can of meat known as Pork Luncheon Patty Loaf. It’s a product of Croatia, so the most surprising thing about it is the fact that it’s not made by Kraš. It’s good to see that there is some competition in the world of Croatian convenience foods.

For a product that comes straight from Zagreb, the package is surprisingly English-dominated, with only two words in Croatian. The English portion makes it clear that this is a “luncheon” food, and includes a picture of it cut into triangular slices and served with sliced cucumbers. No surprise there, since I always think of triangular pork patty loaf with cucumbers whenever I think of lunch.

The two words in Croatian point to another possible time when one might eat this pork patty loaf. There at the bottom of the can, and presumably not intended for English-speakers, are the words “VIKEND DORUČAK”. A bit of research reveals that this means “weekend breakfast”. So in Croatia, it seems that the first thing one might eat in the morning (but only on the weekend) would be some triangular  slices of pork patty loaf.

Considering that this loaf tasted and smelled like a giant vienna sausage with lots of extra air bubbles and occasional pieces of skin, I think I’ll stick to my traditional weekend breakfasts.

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