Health Treasure Gruel

Posted by on April 14, 2013
"Pure natural food keeping in good health."

“Pure natural food keeping in good health.”

Health Treasure Gruel sounds like something that would be served to prisoners who were being held captive by Wong Lo Kat. This really applies to anything called “gruel”, since that’s not a word one normally associates with gourmet dining. This particular gruel, which is a product of Chin Jun I Food Industrial Co., Ltd., comes in a large bag that contains 18 individual packets (or “sachets”). Each one explains the health benefits of Health Treasure Gruel: “Includes each kind of vitamin group, extremely rich, when breakfast edible, moistens the effect to human body to be out of the ordinary.”

Well. Alright. With that out of the way, the only thing left to do was actually try the Health Treasure Gruel. It has two types of ingredients: main ingredients and sub-ingredients. The main ingredients are: Job’s tears, yam, lotus seed, and Gordon euryale seed. The sub-ingredients are: coarse rice, oats, black sesame, white sesame, red barley, black bean, soybean, glucose, and non-dairy creamer. With such a great mix of healthy ingredients, it’s no wonder they call it Health Treasure Gruel.

The gruel is an orangeish-beige color, and in spite of its ingredients, is surprisingly non-offensive. It’s nearly edible, which is more than one can say for Ching Poo Luong and Adlay Oatmeal Deluxe. I’m not usually a gruel person, but if I had to eat gruel, I’d probably choose the Health Treasure variety. Besides, who wouldn’t want to eat something that moistens the effect to human body to be out of the ordinary? I like being out of the ordinary.

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