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Emergency Barbecue!

Emergency Use Only

Emergency Use Only

Afternoon, readers.

I understand quite clearly what it’s like to be lost on a desert island with little to no chance of survival. Well, to be precise, I understand that Tom Hanks knows what it’s like to be lost on a desert island with little to no chance of survival. But that’s irrelevant.

The point is, at some point in our lives, many of us come across some disaster, some impossible circumstance which has pushed us  to the brink of death and despair.

Some feel fear–nay, terror. I, and I feel many else like me, when I am put in a desperate and dreadful direction, feel something else. We are not afraid. We look fear in the eyes and spit on its boot and high five our colleagues and walk away into the sunset, kicking conveniently placed dirt in fear’s eyes. Aye, we do not feel fear. We feel a need, a primal need that transcends all changes and limitations. It is a need rooted in the empty bellies of our omnivorous primogenitors. What is this need, you say? It is the need, the desire, the absolute utmost foremost necessity in a stressful situation, passed down through millennia of natural selection–it is the need to barbecue.

But how could we possibly satisfy such a need when in a desperate situation with no means of escape? The answer is simple: the patent pending (not really, don’t sue us!) Armenian Fungus Cake emergency barbecue kit.

To access the kit, all you need is a:

  • Table
  • Something with which to barbecue
  • A being intelligent enough to participate in table-top athletics

However, once you have these things, a whole world of possibilities opens up. Before, you were stranded on an island, in a jungle, in a concrete jungle, in a desert, in Asbury Park on the 4th of July, in Atlantic City, in a Broken City, on Bleecker Street, in Beverly Hills (even if “That’s where [you] wanna be!”), in Grimsby, in My Hometown, or even In Dreams. Now, you’re stranded in those places, but you’re able to have an emergency barbecue.

How? Well, in the (not) patent pending Armenian Fungus Cake barbecue kit, everything you need that we

Precooked, and ready to...cook again?

Precooked, and ready to…cook again?

have not told you to provide is there for a good barbecue.

In the kit, there is a:

Smoked Ham Sausage (dried)

Spicy Beef Summer Sausage (dried)

Miniature table table tennis set

That’s right, we’re giving you two whole dried sausages, and a table tennis set that you can use with a regular table. It’s a marvel of modern science!

You can fire up the barbecuing apparatus, heat up those sausages, and eat them alongside your sentient ping pong partner!

Once you’re done, suction cup the net to the table, and start playing intense mini ping pong. You’ll never know that your chances of survival are next to nothing, since you’ll be satisfying your urge to ‘cue with our top quality emergency barbecue set.

Happy grilling! Don’t die!


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