Kras Vic Salted Sticks

Posted by on August 13, 2013
Sticks. Salt. What more do you want?!

Sticks. Salt. What more do you want?!

Before Kraš was the company that makes everything in Croatia, it was the company that made everything in Yugoslavia. But that was before the decadent capitalism that reigns supreme nowadays. These days, the proletariat demands chocolate with puffed rice and bourgeois menthol-lemon confections. But before the tastes of the people were spoiled by rich flavors of Western candies, the workers and farmers understood the importance of simple snacks. These Vic Salted Sticks from Kraš are a reminder of those times.

While some capitalist influence has crept in, such as the colorful packaging and the addition of the “Vic” brand, these salted sticks still remain mostly true to their Yugoslavian roots. Much like the beloved “Gasoline Powered Motor Car Mk. IV” and “Pants for Pants Factory Worker”, these salted sticks are exactly what they say they are: sticks with salt. There’s no need to decode confusing brand names or multisyllabic marketing slogans.  If you want salted sticks, you buy the salted sticks. If you want unsalted sticks, you buy the unsalted sticks. If you want any other type of snack, you can purchase salted or unsalted sticks upon your return from the reeducation camp.

You don’t want any other type of snack, do you? I didn’t think so.

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