The Wrath of the Giant Dorito

Posted by on September 16, 2013


O giant Dorito!
Thou unleasheth thy fiery wrath,
And destroyeth the lesser tacos
That would seek to usurp thy sodium-laden majesty.

O giant Dorito!
The flames of thine anger raineth down
Upon the tacos of the infidel,
Which are made without flavored tortilla chips.

O giant Dorito!
Send thy burning rage to vanquish the normal taco,
The soft taco, the bean burrito, the cheese enchilada,
And the flavorless Cool Ranch impostor.

O giant Dorito!
Thy glorious crimson semicircle surpasseth
All other taco configurations
Including even the rolled taquito.

O giant Dorito!
No other taco can compare to thee!
For thou art the hottest Dorito.
Thou art the reddest Dorito.
Thou art the angriest Dorito.


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