e. frutti gummi candy lunch bag

Posted by on September 24, 2013
extra-junky junk food

extra-junky junk food

the e. frutti gummi candy lunch bag
makes junk food even junkier
because all of those junk food things
like pizza, burgers, and fries
are now all made of pure sugar

it has two mini burgers, a hot dog,
two gummi colas, sour gummi fries,
and five slices of candy pizza
in a convenient plastic tray
for your snacking pleasure

but watch out, because your junk food
lunch bag is being greedily eyed by a
stereotypical italian chef
who apparently represents the
five-slice gummi pizza

it doesn’t contain any peanuts
so you can give yourself diabetes
even if you are allergic. then
you would have two problems
and couldn’t eat gummi lunches anymore

but the good news is that it’s fat free
or sans gras as they say in france
which means it must really be good for you
at least you can tell yourself that
while you eat candy shaped like french fries

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