Zvecevo Samo Ti Limeta & Jogurt

Posted by on October 2, 2013
Lime AND yogurt!

Lime AND yogurt!

Zvečevo is a non-Kraš chocolate maker in Croatia. This seems impossible, until you learn that Zvečevo also makes strong alcoholic drinks, and no one ever went broke making strong alcoholic drinks in Eastern Europe. We won’t be sampling any of those today, instead, we’ll be examining the Samo Ti Limeta & Jogurt bar. This chocolate bar combines milk chocolate with lime and yogurt, which might seem odd to some people, but sounded perfect to me.

Even before I tried this tempting treat, and before I translated the Croatian on the package, I knew that this flavor combination had been made just for me. It was as if Zvečevo had some sort of top-secret mind-reading machine aimed right at me, and they knew that I had been hoping for a lime-and-yogurt chocolate bar to emerge from a former Yugoslav republic.

The fusion of lime, yogurt, and chocolate was delicious, of course. Well, no one else really liked it that much, but I did. It all made sense once I translated the brand name “samo ti” into English. It means “only you.” Obviously, this delicacy was made specifically with my tastes in mind. More importantly, this is finally proof that the Yugoslavians were reading my thoughts after all. See, I told you I wasn’t crazy.

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