Atori Nori Seaweed Biscuit Sticks

Posted by on October 16, 2013
Angry chicken is angry!

Angry chicken is angry!

Alright, in list A, we have several things that make chickens angry. In list B, we have several things that make fish vomit. The task is to determine which items both make chickens angry and make fish vomit. You’d think this could be done by a computer, but that would deprive us of the opportunity to waste our time performing a contrived and useless task.

List A (Things that make chickens angry)
Telephone poles
Integration by parts
Double-sided tape
Crwth music
Atori Nori Seaweed Biscuit Sticks
Yttrium orthovanadate
The number 57
String theory

List B (Things that make fish vomit)
Compression braking
Atori Nori Seaweed Biscuit Sticks
Light roast coffee
Dioramas based on Lord of the Flies
The 1978 AMC Pacer
Integration by parts

After careful examination, we’re left with two possibilities. One is “integration by parts”, but that makes everyone angry and makes everyone vomit, so it doesn’t really seem like the right answer. It was obviously included in these lists merely for the sake of completeness. That leaves the other possibility, which is “Atori Nori Seaweed Biscuit Sticks”. We probably could have saved ourselves some time by simply looking at the package, since it clearly depicts both an angry chicken and a vomiting fish. But if we’d done that, then we never would have learned these fascinating facts about chickens and fish. I have to admit that I don’t really understand chickens or fish, since I happen to like both crwth music and marmalade. Then again, I also like Atori Nori Seaweed Biscuit Sticks, so maybe I shouldn’t be too swayed by the opinions of piqued poultry and sickly seafood.

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