Joytofu Skewered Vegetarian Food

Posted by on November 7, 2013
The Joy of Tofu

The Joy of Tofu

Good afternoon, and welcome to The Joy of Tofu. Today, we will be sampling some happy little treats known as Skewered Vegetarian Food. These snacks come in a happy little bag, with two happy faces under the Joytofu logo. All ten of them are on happy little sticks, with happy little bits of Skewered Vegetarian Food on them.

They have a happy little chili flavor, and a happy little meat-like texture, which should make you happy, if you’re a little vegetarian. Just be careful not to spill any of the chili-infused oil that’s in the package, because there wouldn’t be anything happy about having to clean that up.

In spite of the name these were actually reasonably good. We’re also reasonably sure that no actual vegetarians were skewered in order to produce these. I mean, this isn’t the Middle Ages. We don’t skewer vegetarians anymore, do we?

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  1. Roger Guilford Jr.

    I would like to buy this.
    Please let me know how I can buy.

  2. Teresa Tan

    I want to buy but my Amazon account is giving me so much problem. Can I order directly

  3. Tony

    I want to buy this. Can you tell me where can I buy it? THANK YOU.

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