Carlos V Milk Chocolate Style Bar

Posted by on June 12, 2014
Carlos has a special message...

Carlos has a special message…

The Carlos V Milk Chocolate Style Bar is a diminutive bit of milk chocolate style from Mexico. It’s named after Carlos V (or Charles V), the Holy Roman Emperor who introduced chocolate to the courts of Europe. It apparently doesn’t meet the legal definition of milk chocolate, since it is referred to as “milk chocolate style”. It also isn’t a bar for chocoholics. At 0.75 ounces (21 grams), it’s really more of a chocolate bite than a chocolate bar.

It originally seemed like it would be too unremarkable to comment on, but once I opened the package, I found a secret message from Carlos himself printed on the bar: “Soy feliz…con solo mirarte.” Or, translated to English, “I’m happy just looking at you.” Well. Oh my. I didn’t realize it was…that way, Carlos. But, OK. I mean, I suppose it’s good to have a secret admirer who sends me messages imprinted on chocolate bars. I didn’t expect that secret admirer to be a Holy Roman Emperor, but I guess it’s good to be open to new ideas. New ideas involving chocolate and secret messages and emperors who are apparently watching me from some sort of observatory. It all feels so creepy…and exciting.

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