Haribo Quaxi Gummi Frogs

Posted by on June 17, 2014
I have nothing to say to you.

I have nothing to say to you.

Haribo is known for making various soft candies. In our travels, we’ve come across German-language and English-language versions of bears, worms, and fruits. We were a bit more surprised to find frogs (kurbağa) from Turkey in this Haribo bag. These frogs were apple flavored with a sugary white belly. As far as candy goes, they were quite good. The more interesting aspect is comparing the things that frogs of various nationalities say.

On their respective packages, English-speaking Haribo frogs say “fresh ‘n chewy!” (the dot on the exclamation point is a heart…could it be another secret message?), while German-speaking Haribo frogs say “mein fröschli!”, which means “my froggy!” The exclamation point also includes a heart on this one. Apparently frogs can be quite romantic.

The Turkish-speaking frogs, however, are strangely silent. They just leapfrog each other without saying a word. That worries me a bit. On one hand, at least they aren’t sending me secret love notes like Carlos V. But on the other hand, the quiet ones always make me nervous. I hope they aren’t planning a plague or anything like that.

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