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Posted by on June 18, 2014
The Seventh City of Something

The Seventh City of Something

Good afternoon, readers.

Working on the foreign foods desk at AFC can be exhausting work. We must suffer through long, demanding work days, horrendously dull meetings, endless revisions, and the eating itself, which is quite taxing.

So, sometimes, we begin to feel a little down. We feel that the world and its foods are against us. Productivity plummets. People get fired. Articles don’t get written. We go on hiatus for half a year. Things like that. I’m sure many of you can sympathize. So, in order to actually get back in the swing of things, we need a pick-me-up. Of course, we’ve tried things like energy drinks and shots, but those can be a little overkill, and can cause some gastrointestinal problems in conjunction with the plethora of palatables we go through.

Often, we drink coffee–in fact, its partially responsible for the recent increase in site activity. However, coffee can be cumbersome, and as much as we like multimillion dollar settlements, we don’t like getting burns from hot beverages.

So, we thought that the best solution would be to find something that takes the power and flavor of coffee and distills it into a more manageable form. At first, we did not think such a thing would be possible, but after countless hours of tireless searching, we came across our own caffeine snack Cibola.

The item in question is the CoffeeGo candy. It is no ordinary candy. Instead, it is a Coffee Candy, a Dulces de Café, or even, a Bonbon de Café. The package itself says it is a candy for “When you don’t have time for coffee!” Such a statement could not be more true.

See, when you thank the heavens that our site is back in action, you should not be thanking any deity, but rather, the magical powers of a rather bland tasting ostensibly coffee-related hard candy, for it has fueled and motivated us all, and it should do the same for you.



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