Bikano Badam Lachha

Posted by on July 10, 2014
...and then all these potatoes started exploding...

…and then all these potatoes started exploding…

We at Armenian Fungus Cake are sad to report that there seems to have been some sort of terrible accident in the Bikano snack factory. That’s the only possible explanation for Bikano Badam Lachha. Without any direct evidence, it’s hard to say exactly what happened, but it appears to have gone something like this:

There were apparently several vats of oil, various containers of nuts, assorted spices, and a large number of potatoes. These things all seem to have been stored in close proximity to each other. Some sort of spontaneous reaction started in the potatoes which caused them to begin seething and rumbling. The vibrations from all these perturbed potatoes then caused the nuts, oil, and spices to spill out and to form a giant masala mess. Then to add to the chaos, the potatoes started popping. The combination of nuts, spices, oil, and exploded potatoes apparently formed Badam Lachha. We’re not sure of the actual meaning of “Badam Lachha”, but we think it might mean “be careful where you put your potatoes”.

This isn’t to say that Badam Lachha isn’t delicious, just that it clearly must have been the result of some unexpectedly ruptured tubers. How else can you explain this odd combination of nuts and spices, not to mention all of those shredded potatoes?

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