Mr. Brown Blue Mountain Blend Iced Coffee

Posted by on August 6, 2014
Mr. Brown!

Mr. Brown!

We recently received the following cryptic communication from one Mr. Brown:

Do you recall the Croatian clowns?
That conglomerate of world renown?
Did you really think they would forget?
Were you planning to ignore their threat?

They take their time, they find a way.
They track you down and make you pay.
At last they will unleash their wrath,
And leave destruction in the aftermath.

If you would avoid this tragic fate,
You must seek me out ere it’s too late.
Make your way to the rendezvous
At my fortress on the mountain blue.

Why do these type of people always have to speak in abstruse rhyming couplets? And how are we supposed to find this Mr. Brown and his fortress anyway? He sure didn’t give us many clues. Obviously it has to be done, since the Croatian Clown Conglomerate does present a credible threat, but it will require quite a bit of work. We’re going to need a lot of coffee…

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