Hostilities Erupt In Bamboo-Mushroom Conflict

Posted by on August 8, 2014
Bamboo VIllage

Bamboo Village

After a nearly twenty-year cease fire, fighting has unexpectedly broken out between Bamboo Village (Takenoko no Sato) and Mushroom Mountain (Kinoko no Yama). While it had been thought that this conflict was essentially forgotten by all but the most ardent historians, it now seems that it is poised to escalate into a full-fledged war.

Bamboo Village and Mushroom Mountain possess little military strength on their own, but the legions of mercenaries loyal to each side have the potential to turn what began as a minor disagreement into a protracted battle.

The Bamboo-Mushroom War originally started when one side claimed snack superiority in the area of chocolate-covered cookie confections. It had always been accepted that Mushroom Mountain fired the first shot, but the remastered edition now seems to indicate that Bamboo Village was the actual aggressor. Regardless of who started the war, it went on for many years and was never officially ended. A tenuous cease fire was negotiated by a now-retired delegation from the Federal Bureau of Foreign Culinary Relations, and the war was essentially over. While the rest of the world went on with its business, a small but dedicated group of Internet food aficionados became dedicated to proving once and for all which side was right.


Mushroom Mountain

Unbeknownst to the FBFCR, these soldiers of snacking were recruited by the governments of Bamboo Village and Mushroom Mountain. They slowly became more radicalized until the situation came to a head and the fans of each candy began fighting with each other.

While the FBFCR has not yet been asked to intervene in the Bamboo-Mushroom War, we have analyzed the situation and come to the conclusion that both candies are, in fact, essentially identical. Unfortunately, we don’t expect either side to accept this conclusion, and we are preparing to be quite involved with this conflict. The time after the reunification of Mangoustan was a nice break, but we knew we couldn’t relax forever.

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