Caramel Corns & Peanut Snack

Posted by on August 30, 2014
Dang ol'...

Dang ol’…

Yee haw! Y’all have been waitin’ a long time for this down-home country fusion of caramel corns and peanuts. A dang ol’ long time, in fact! Well you ain’t gotta wait no more, ’cause that dang ol’ crazy peanut guy gonna put on his big ol’ green hat and his big ol’ green gloves and bring y’all some Caramel Corns & Peanut Snack! He’s also gonna wave around his big ol’ gun, but you gotta just try to ignore that. It’s the way they do things ’round them parts, y’know?

If y’all ain’t too gol’ darn flustered by…I mean…If you can manage to overlook the peanut guy’s reckless disregard for firearm safety, what you’ll find inside the bag of Caramel Corns and Peanut Snack is a bit different than what the name implies. It sounds like you’re going to get caramel-covered popcorn and peanuts. But what you actually get is a bunch of caramel peanut-butter flavored corn puffs. They’re sort of like cheese puffs without the cheese, but with caramel and peanut butter flavoring instead. Apparently that’s the meaning of “caramel corns” as opposed to “caramel corn”. As for the promised peanut, it was there. In fact, there were a whole five peanuts rolling around listlessly at the bottom of the bag. You could be forgiven for missing them, but make no mistake, the crazy peanut guy came through on his commitment to supply both caramel corns and peanut(s).

Overall these are a tasty snack as long as you aren’t expecting popcorn. If you are expecting popcorn, look elsewhere, unless you want to find yourself cursing that dang ol’ green-hatted gun-totin’ peanut guy.

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