e. frutti gummi candy mexican

Posted by on August 9, 2015
now more insensitive

now more insensitive

if you liked the italian
version of e. frutti gummi candy
then we have good news for you
because now it comes in mexican

but if you were offended by
the italian stereotypes on the
previous package then prepare
to be even more upset

the mexican version of a gummi
candy lunch includes classics such as
corn and chili con carne and some
yellow stuff with chunks

but it also has an unexplained
mexican hot dog and a red
candy pepper that was surprisingly
good and almost too spicy

it doesn’t contain any fat or peanuts
because the e. frutti people care about
your health while you’re eating
sugary versions of real food

but it does have some pictures of cartoon mexicans
wearing big sombreros because it’s apparently still
1940 somewhere and the way that corn cob is
looking at me makes me feel harassed

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