Eurocrem JAR

Posted by on August 13, 2015


In the past, we’ve brought you the story of Eurocrem BLOK. We also determined that Eurocrem equals 1.17 hearts, because we knew you didn’t want to figure that out on your own.

Now we’re pleased to announce the latest innovation in your favorite European hazelnut and cream crem: Eurocrem JAR. No longer will you have to struggle to extract your beloved Eurocrem from a BLOK. You won’t have to solve mathematical equations while trying to squeeze a bit of Eurocrem from the center of a filled fatty biscuit. Because now there’s Eurocrem JAR.

This revolutionary new product delivery system allows you to enjoy pure hazelnut crem and pure cream crem side-by-side in a round resealable container: a JAR. The makers of Eurocrem JAR are clearly proud of their new invention. As you may recall, our handlers aren’t willing to spring for the paid version of a translation app, but we’re pretty sure that the slogan on the JAR says something like, “Crem jar is best jar!”

So if you’re sick of the BLOK and don’t want to calculate your crem, try Eurocrem JAR. It’s the most creative crem concoction ever!


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