About Armenian Fungus Cake

Welcome to Armenian Fungus Cake. You are in the process of embarking on a fabulously funny, awesomely alliterative, and generally genial journey into a blithe blog. In this joyous journal, two friends, David and Arren, explore the less serious sides of food, life, people, history, and all sorts of items. David and Arren travel to the ends of the Earth (or at least as far as cars and the internet can take them) to find strange, but often delicious, foreign foods, odd occurrences, and everything in between, only to transpose them into writing for the pleasure of both the writers and readers. The AFC staff (of two people) truly hopes that you enjoy yourself, learn, eat, and think along with the authors and their posts. Have fun.

All posts are owned by their original authors and may not be reproduced without permission. This is a satirical web site. Not everything you read here is true, but it sure is funny. (No alliteration there–that would probably result in a lawsuit).